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Frieze Academy is bringing the flagship London edition of the Art & Architecture Summit to Singapore, in partnership with the Singapore Tourism Board. The programme explores the connection between the fields of art and architecture.


22 Nov

Frieze Academy presents a day exploring the changemakers, the polymaths and the visionaries who are shaping their own path and, in turn, shaping a world with new expectations.


1 Nov

From the most innovative new museum spaces, to studios looking to traditional methods for sustainable design, to way the selfie is shaping exhibition making, leading figures from the worlds of art, architecture and technology come together for a day of interdisciplinary conversations about ‘good’ design – and why it matters.


4 Oct

Bringing art to life in new spaces in the city, Frieze Academy in partnership with GANNI, will be popping up at Frieze Week London to bring you an intimate evening and talk with our pick of the most interesting female artists of today hosted at GANNI’s new 36 Beak St flagship store.


2 Oct

How do we deal with the unsustainable ecosystem of art and culture?


10 Sep

Learn how to stay relevant on social media, find your visual voice, and keep audiences engaged


12 Jul

Gain hands-on insights into today’s multidimensional curator


7 Jun

How can digital enable curators to change audience engagement?


22 May

How can technology ignite your design process and creativity?


11 May

Frieze Academy presents a day exploring the deep-rooted, wide-reaching connection between art, fashion and identity.

New York

30 Apr

Immerse people in another world through creating a unique visual narrative 


13 Apr

A look at the multidimensional elements involved in designing exhibitions


10 Apr