Art & Fashion: Friend or Foe?

A free breakfast event exploring the complex relationship between fashion and art

22 Mar 2018
9:30am - 11:00am
8 Carlos Place
Mount Street
London, W1K 3AS
United Kingdom

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Join us for a free event in collaboration with Mount Street, to hear fashion designer Roland Mouret in conversation with curator and writer Francesca Gavin, and fashion editor and author Lou Stoppard.

The dialogue between fashion and art has always been present and as each season’s new catwalk collections appear, it returns to the forefront of cultural debate. Which artist has been referenced, or which art show plundered for context? On occasion, artists collaborate with designers, but historically, the relationship is complex. Who is the creator? Who can claim ownership of the idea? What happens to the art when it is translated to the catwalk? And when is it a happy merging of two cross-pollinating universes?


Francesca Gavin is a curator and writer based in London. She is the Art Editor of Twin and editor at large at Kaleidoscope. She has curated exhibitions internationally, and has a monthly radio show 'Rough Version' on NTS Radio.

Roland Mouret has worked as a designer for 20 years. With a signature style that focuses on draping, this self-taught Frenchman is known for his craftsmanship. He worked first as a model and an artistic director before establishing his own brand. The event will be hosted at Roland Mouret’s flagship store on Mount Street.

Lou Stoppard is a writer, curator and veteran interviewer from her five years working as editor of Showstudio. Last year she curated ‘Fashioning Identity’ as well as publishing Fashion Together, her book about creative relationships.



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