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A unique programme of talks, workshops and summits led by creatives from across the arts and cultural landscape.  


Push your creativity further with Frieze Academy in 2019.


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Learn how to stay relevant on social media, find your visual voice, and keep audiences engaged


12 Jul

New ways of seeing: Art & Architecture in a changing world


4 Oct

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Gain hands-on insights into today’s multidimensional curator


7 Jun

How can digital enable curators to change audience engagement?


22 May

How can technology ignite your design process and creativity?


11 May

Frieze Academy presents a day exploring the deep-rooted, wide-reaching connection between art, fashion and identity.

New York

30 Apr

Frieze Academy - 09 Nov 2018

Watch highlights – with Kim Jones, Campbell Addy, Juno Calypso, Michel Gaubert, Tim Blanks and Julie Verhoeven – from Frieze Academy's first Art & Fashion summit in partnership with

Frieze Academy - 28 Sep 2018

What do curators look for in an art space? Architect Jamie Fobert, responsible for the award-winning Tate St Ives extension and the reconfiguration of Kettle’s Yard Cambridge, explains what it takes to design an art gallery

Frieze Academy - 01 Sep 2017

Watch highlights from the inaugural conference in 2016, featuring Martino Gamper, Gabriel Orozco, Annabelle Selldorf and Peter Zumthor among others