Space to Think - How Can We Build Studios into the City?

Hannah Barry, Candida Gertler and Edwin Heathcote discuss the future of artists' studios in London

21 Feb 2017
7:00pm - 9:00pm
Second Home
68-80 Hanbury St
E1 5JL London

How can we keep artists working in London when the city’s property has become a globally traded asset?  This evening discussion will address what cultural institutions, councils, architects, designers and collectives could do to make and maintain spaces for art and creativity in the city. What kinds of spaces should we be making to accommodate culture and art? Are there new typologies that are emerging or could instigate real change?  Can studios be built into new development in a way that is engrained in the local communities, and what might this new cultural urbanism look like? 

The panel will include David Adam, Hannah Barry and Candida Gertler. The event is part of a new series on Art and Architecture curated by Edwin Heathcote and hosted by Second Home in East London.

Tickets priced at £20, drinks included.

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David Adam
David Adam specialises in cities and soft power, trends in globalisation and their impact on places. He is the founding Director of Global Cities - a business helping cities to examine economic, demographic, and technological trends.

Hannah Barry
Hannah Barry is the founder of Bold Tendencies Community Interest Company and Hannah Barry Gallery in Peckham. The gallery has a mixed programme of represented artists and group exhibitions and has initiated a series of high-profile international projects including the celebrated Palazzo Peckham (2013) and Peckham Pavilion (2009) for the Venice Biennale. Barry is Co-Chair of the Chinati Contemporary Council, Marfa Texas, part of the new Science Gallery London’s Leonardo Group, and a member of the Creative Industries Federation.

Candida Gertler OBE
Candida Gertler co-founded Outset in London in 2003, focusing on the amplification of collective philanthropic funding to meet the needs of a diverse ecosystem of the arts. Across eight international chapters, Outset develops new public audiences around the support of productions, institutional collecting, education, professional development, exhibitions and the creative infrastructure at large. Among Outset’s pioneering funding models is Studiomakers, a strategic private-public initiative to secure the provision of affordable work spaces for creatives in partnership with The Mayor of London, Second Home, Create London, PLP Architecture and Bolton & Quinn. 

Edwin Heathcote
Edwin Heathcote is a writer and architect living and working in London. He is the architecture and design critic of the Financial Times and the founder and editor of online critical design writing archive He is also the author of around a dozen books on architecture and design, a contributor to GQ magazine and a contributing editor at ICON and l'Architecture d'Aujourd'hui.

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Image: Anthony Gormley's studio, King's Cross, London, designed by David Chipperfield Architects. Photograph: © David Bryant

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