Guided Tours

Take a guided tour for an insider's look at the fair

Our tours provide an excellent introduction to the fair and are the perfect way to get the most out of your visit, especially if you have limited time. Tours can be purchased along with admission here

Public tours are designed for individuals and small groups. Our guides will provide a full overview of the fair and present a selection of exciting highlights. You can select from the following:


Get an overview of the fair including the most talked about artworks and introduction to our special gallery sections - Frame, Focus and Spotlight. This tour also includes a look at Frieze Projects and Frieze Sounds, our curated program of artists commissions.

Emerging Artists

Who are the up-and-coming stars of the contemporary art world? The Emerging Artists Tour will provide you with an introduction to Frieze along with a special focus on the artists and young galleries in our Frame and Focus gallery sections. This tour should be of special interest to anyone interested in beginning an art collection and can include introductions to galleries.

Contemporary Masters

Who are the biggest names in contemporary art today? Which galleries represent them? Where can examples of their work be found at Frieze New York - and beyond? The Contemporary Masters Tour will provide you with an introduction to the fair along with a focus on established artists and big-name galleries. This tour will also provide a deeper insight into the Spotlight section - with its focus on artists working throughout the 20th century.


Private tours provide a more tailored experience for individuals or larger groups. From portraiture to post-internet art, corporate visits to individual interest, tours are specifically created to cover all of your requirements. We have a limited number of private tours available, so early booking is recommended. Please contact

Tours meet at the Tours desk by the auditorium and last approximately one hour. Please note that all tours leave on time. Allow yourself plenty of time to get to the Tours desk by the auditorium, particularly during busy periods of the fair.


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