Art & Fashion Summit London

Royal Academy of Arts

1 November 2019

Art & Fashion Programme

Whose World Is This?

As a new cultural consciousness hovers on the cusp of mainstream, we see a generation of unbounded individuals – artists, designers, curators, activists – seizing this opportunity to turn the norm on its head. The unexpected becomes the new normal. How is the disruption and provocation of boundaries igniting positive change and defining today’s society?
Frieze Academy presents a day exploring the changemakers, the polymaths and the visionaries who are shaping their own path and, in turn, shaping a world with new expectations: a higher respect for individuality, democracy and freedom; and a nonconformist approach that pushes the boundaries of possibility.

8:30am -  Make It Breakfast With Frieze Academy X Squarespace  
In conversation: Standing On A Precipice

Bringing a sense of self-expression, escapism and optimism to life against a background of uncertainty, Matty Bovan's designs and shows allude to a future as yet unknown. Today, we explore the artists, ideas and approaches that have shaped his career journey and enabled a sense of creative freedom.

Matty Bovan, Designer
... in conversation with Tim Blanks, Fashion Critic

10.00am - In conversation: Luxury for a Different Generation

Leading a fundamentally different approach to designing collections, Ross' definition of luxury is geared towards a different generation. Time, space and freedom from devices and the constant hold of social media shape today's luxury, in a changing, "post-class" society. Today we explore Ross' approach to pushing boundaries, fashion as a force for change, and what the future holds.

Samuel Ross, Designer, A-Cold-Wall conversation with
Mimma Viglezio, Creative Consultant, Editor

10:40am - In conversation: Deeply Dystopian: Hopes + Fears

Combining a normalisation of cultural perceptions with social commentary on the screen-obsessed youth of today, Paria Farzenah’s designs and shows find a deeper meaning; both the unashamed pride of identity, and a frighteningly reflective depiction of today’s screen-obsessed audiences. Today we explore the emotions, hopes and ideas and behind the scenes of the clothes and shows that push against the boundaries of normality and acceptance.

Paria Farzaneh, Designer conversation with
Sarah Mower, Chief Critic, Vogue

11:15am - Break

11:50am - In conversation: Oh, Loverboy: More Than a Performance

Charles Jeffrey’s designs and shows speak of challenges, pain, individuality – and beauty: embodying the spirit of today. How can we use today’s societal upheaval to inform and connect with today's emerging cultural consciousness?

Charles Jeffrey, Designer, Loverboy conversation with
Tim Blanks, Fashion Critic

12:30pm - In conversation: Stronger Than Ever: Channelling Pain Into Art

Born from a desire to make his mark, and driven by a turning point in his life, the ethos of Reece Yeboah's Saint London is to connect with, empower, and pay it forward to the next generation. Today we discuss the power of art to tell stories, skewed ideas of the youth of today and the importance of access to the arts industry for people from all walks of life.

Reece Yeboah, Creative Director, Saint London
Eddie Otchere, Photographer

1:00pm - Lunch 

2:00pm - In conversation: We Live in Interesting Times

Under the moniker of Sagg Napoli, Sofia’s art explores socio-political divisions and notions of identity. In conversation with curator Milovan Farronato, we discuss the “interesting” times we’re living in, and art’s role in exploring, expressing and encapsulating this. what the future holds.

SAGG NAPOLI, Artist conversation with
Milovan Farronato, Curator

2:35pm - A Time to Reflect?

Modern cultural polymath Grace Wales Bonner and celebrated poet and novelist Ben Okri join us in conversation to discuss the bright threads that bind them and their work: aesthetic discoveries, questions of identity, freedom, visions of beauty, ways of being and artistic responses to the volatile mood of our times.

Grace Wales Bonner, Designer & Artist conversation with
Ben Okri, Poet & Novelist

3:10pm - Closing keynote conversation: Shaping a Path

Disruption, disorder and a provocation of boundaries; if we're talking about individuals shaping their own path and opening up expectations of what is 'normal' - and in that sense, opening up paths for others - Pam Hogg is the physical embodiment. With a focus on empowerment, barriers and removing labels, we close the day by asking: whose world is this?

Dr Pam Hogg, Designer & Artist conversation with
Ben Cobb, Editor-in-Chief, Another Man

3.50pm - Closing remarks

4.00pm - Close of Summit


*Timings and content are subject to change*