‘Technological advancement does not assuage our fears’

By Goshka Macuga

Warburg has been credited with both inventing and destroying art history

By Bill Sherman

Short fiction inspired by Aby Warburg’s ‘Panel B’

By Claire-Louise Bennett

Is this art? Science? Who cares?

By Carmen Winant

‘There is pain and suffering in these pictures, but also pure possibility’

By Brian Dillon

‘This is how you walk through water’

By Vanessa Onwuemezi

Before Twitter, Félix Fénéon’s daily ‘novels in three lines’ made a literary art form of current affairs

By Francesca Wade

Ahead of his new work, filmed on a boat in Venice, an interview with the Italian auteur

By Barbara Casavecchia

The Berlin-based artist works across and between performance, text and image

By Matthew McLean

Frieze magazine has been redesigned, beginning with our May/June issue

By Andrew Durbin

Steven Zultanski on the Chicago-based cult video artist

By Steven Zultanski

The novelist and poet Robert Glück revisits dream journals left by his late partner, the painter Ed Aulerich-Sugai, whose life was cut short by HIV in the early 1990s 

By Robert Glück


Frieze Fairs - 18 May 2020

Himali Singh Soin's Frieze Artist Award 2019 commission explores urgent questions about environment, history and myth

Frieze Fairs - 15 May 2020

The artist, featured in the Diálogos section of Frieze Viewing Room, speaks to Rodrigo Moura, Chief Curator of El Museo del Barrio