The inspired demonstrations include singing, dancing, poetry readings, impromptu exhibitions and a monumental fluorescent light sculpture

By Skye Arundhati Thomas

A crop of Hollywood ‘grifter’ films reflect growing pessimism about the state of capitalism 

By Lewis Gordon

Paywalls are going up everywhere, intellectual property is being jealously hoarded, and the long-predicted streaming wars are finally on

By Tom Morton

Or, why the Gulf conflicts never really went away

By Melissa Gronlund

It’s a refusal to learn anything about a culture that could be obliterated

By Benjamin Ramm

Some suggestions for the International Council of Museums

By Tom Morton

In 2019, the cityscape around the club has shifted dramatically; the Berlin epithet ‘poor but sexy’ a fading memory

By Liam Cagney

The comedian’s aggressions are meant to produce pleasure, but often result in arguments and criticism

By Lynne Tillman

‘Generation Q’ is as implausible as the original series, but complaining about the show’s lack of nuance is missing the point

By Rosanna McLaughlin

Green unpleasant land? As the UK braces for election week, it might be time to abandon the myth of Englishness

By Adam Harper

This year, all the shortlisted artists were named joint winners – what to make of this act of (institutionally approved) subversion?

By Tom Morton

Have the feminist politics of maximalist pattern and craft now been co-opted by neoliberals?

By Eloise Hendy


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25-year old designer Reece Yeboah on the ‘crazy journey’ of his label, Saint London

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