Picture Piece

An exhibition at Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum will present hundreds of Japanese posters from the 1930s to the present day

By Frieze News Desk

Lessons from The Church of Euthanasia

By Ella Fleck

The mural depicts a dystopian Tokyo hosting the 2020 Olympics

By Philip Brophy

An exhibition at Platform Southwark, London, celebrates the legacy of the radical drag theatre company

By Sean Burns

How the space race revolutionized couture

By Amber Butchart

A collection of Medieval bestiary books go on display at the J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles

By Frieze News Desk

Habbo is a paradise, real people play on it

By Ella Fleck

Ahead of their September relaunch, we look back through past issues of the legendary style guide

By Sean Burns

A graveyard of trees previously submerged has given way to a fantasy of resurrection

By Mimi Chu

How the medieval chess piece reminds us of a time before modern maps

By Figgy Guyver

30 years after the deadly protests, a brief look at the sculpture which symbolized a struggle for political freedom

By Kadish Morris

What the shocking image says about our desperate urge to achieve the unthinkable

By Kadish Morris


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