Released today on Semiotext(e), Holy Shit’s album Solid Rain gets nostalgic for the freewheeling creativity of a pre-gentrification LA

A brief history of the Venice Biennale

Madan Mahatta’s historic photographs of New Delhi record a time when India was embracing modernist architecture

Theaster Gates and The Black Monks of Mississippi, St. Laurence Church, 2014. Courtesy: the artist; photograph: Sara Pooley

Theaster Gates & The Black Monks of Mississippi’s latest project for IHME Festival, Helsinki

A new album by theatre group Object Collection warns against political nostalgia 

Egyptian surrealism: a case-study in global modernity 

Claire Simon's new documentary exposes the workings of an elite film school 

Imagining the dawn of the 'Chinese century'

The lead in The Handmaiden, Kim Min-hee is proving to be the most interesting Korean actor for some time

What can documenta 14 do for Athens?

Remembering the choreographer who forever changed the landscape of art and dance

E.S.P. TV’s Corporate Theatre


Playlist - 22 May 2017

LuYang’s ‘Uterus Man’, Angelo Badalamenti’s score for ’Twin Peaks’; role-playing video game 

Playlist - 15 May 2017

Talking sea otter; a physicist’s theory of cancer; satirical sci-fi animation

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