Axelle Stiefel

21 Dec 2016
28 Jan 2017
11 rue de la Coulouvrenière, 2e étage
Geneva, 1204-CH

‘Das Herz’ (the heart, in German), is the title of Axelle Stiefel’s first monographic exhibition. It’s drawn from Georg Trackl’s eponymous poem, which the artist recites in an enigmatic film that’s available on Forde’s website and immediately on view upon entering the exhibition space. An open-water landscape unravels from the back of a speed boat, it’s filtered in deep blood red, rhythmed by the monotonous voice of the artist and a mesmerizing soundtrack by UK music producer Patchfinder. Red, it seems, is the exhibition’s leitmotiv, included in each artwork, from the boat sails, neatly folded on the floor, to the printed hand towels and the artist’s personal archive of fashion shows, where only garments presenting a red line are pinned on the wall. In a constant, sometimes conflicting superposition of references (a trademark in Stiefel’s work), the colour red becomes the reassuring thread that guides the viewer into the artist’s cumulative process.
- Elise Lammer

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