Condo: hosting Jan Mot, Brussels

13 Jan 2018
10 Feb 2018
Hollybush Gardens
1-2 Warner Yard
London, EC1R 5EY
United Kingdom

From his portraits of aphasia sufferers through to reckonings with Belgian colonial history, Sven Augustijnen’s films aim to trouble documentary and archival forms and the ways in which stories are remembered and told. In Summer Thoughts (2012–ongoing), which is presented here, Augustijnen turns his attention to the personal letter. The work was triggered by letters he wrote to the curator Marta Kuzma from 2012 to 2016, reflecting on the politics of Hannah Ryggen’s tapestries. Specifically, Augustijnen writes on how Ryggen responded to the Nazi occupation of Norway, and then he traces the historical connections leading up to the present European crisis and the march of fascism in the region once again. These letters are mounted on the wall, alongside a cartographic body of newspapers and photographs embedded in a vitrine. The installation becomes an instrument for disciplining our sight once again in a new age of political urgency. Upstairs, Hollybush Gardens are showing a selection of black and white prints by Andrea Büttner of painted stones created by artists such as David Hammons, Kurt Schwitters and Fahrelnissa Zeid.

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