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6 May 2016
11:30am - 6:30pm

Book Signing: Hans Ulrich Obrist 
Conversations in Colombia: ANAÑAM-YOH-REYA presented by Casas Riegner

Hans Ulrich Obrist, Conversations in Colombia, cover

Hans Ulrich Obrist, Conversations in Colombia, cover

Conversations in Colombia: ANAÑAM-YOU-REYA presented by Casas Riegner is a series of conversations Hans Ulrich Obrist began in 2010 that turned into a comprehensive mapping of an artistic landscape. Conversations in Colombia: ANAÑAM-YOH-REYA is not only a book of interviews with artists, filmmakers, writers and even the former mayor of Bogotá, but a multilayered collaborative project with special contributions by artists Beatriz González, Mateo López, Gabrial Sierra, and José Antonio Suárez Londoño.


Se Habla Español: The Relevance of Spanish in Arts and Media

Editor Igor Ramírez García-Peralta in conversation with Jorge Méndez Blake's vast literary knowledge and ability to manipulate and assemble it into art will ignite an interesting discussion on the relevance of Spanish and whether it's represented accordingly in the media. Spanish language publications are more often than not licenses of international publications, or as a vast majority, in a different language (predominantly, English). Ramírez García-Peralta seeks to tackle this complex issue, taking special note of the already thriving art and culture scene in so many Spanish-speaking countries, as best exemplified by Mexico and Spain. One of Solar Magazine’s main goal is just that: to change the landscape and offer a competitive alternative to the Spanish-speaking community.

ArtMag by Deutsche Bank

The Stars Were Aligned for a Century of New Beginnings

Basim Magdy 
Photo: Deirdre O'Leary 
Courtesy Basim Magdy


Egyptian-born, Swiss-based artist, Basim Magdy, in conversation with Omar Kholeif, Manilow Senior Curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago.  The artist will discuss his work to date, his ideas and how he explores them through multi-disciplines, as presented in his recently opened exhibition at Deutsche Bank KunstHalle in Berlin, titled A Century of New Beginnings.  Basim Magdy is the featured artist in the Frieze edition of "ArtMag" by Deutsche Bank, which is available throughout the Fair at appointed kiosks.  Magdy was selected as the Bank's 2016 "Artist of the Year" by an independent panel including Okwui Enwezor, Hou Hanru, Victoria Northoorn, Uto Kittlemann.  The exhibition, "A Century of New Beginnings" will travel to Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago in November 2016.  Omar Kholeif was an early supporter of Basim Magdy's work and will be the organizing curator for the MCA venue.

Art in America

Comics in America
Editor Julia Wolkoff in conversation with Dan Nadel and Alexi Worth

Jack Kirby, The Fantastic Four, vol. 1, no. 70, 1968

Jack Kirby, The Fantastic Four, vol. 1, no. 70, 1968

Over the past year, Art in America has published a series of articles that examine comics as both a popular medium and a site of artistic experimentation. Alexi Worth, who explored Jack Kirby's nuanced superhero art in our January issue, and Dan Nadel who draws attention to the New England zine impresarios Paper Radio in our May issue, join AIA editor Julia Wolkoff to discuss the intriguing complexity of comics, a format where virtuosic draftmanship can be fostered under deadline pressure, and expressions of personal identity and political belief can meld with longstanding generic conventions.


Artist Talk with Liu Shiyuan 

Liu Shiyuan, From Happiness To Whatever, 2015

Liu Shiyuan, From Happiness To Whatever, 2015

Video artist Liu Shiyuan (featured with Leo Xu Projects, B35 at Frieze in New York) focuses on the possibility or impossibility of transcultural communications in her short films. Often borrowing familiar moments in language and aesthetics, Liu seeks to find beauty in the universal, or in the absence of a true universal. In conversation with LEAP editors, she will dissect recent moments in her work.


Frieze Frame
Join the editors and star on your very own Surface cover designed by Alex Da Corte

Surface will set up an exclusive experience where fair attendees can find themselves featured on the cover of the magazine. The will be executed via a simple photobooth set up, so that each "cover subject' can easily share their cover across all social media channels with all collaborators tagged. Surface will commission a special artwork backdrop from a favourite artist to bolster the partnership. During the event, Spencer Bailey (editor-in-chief), Elizabeth Bailey (design director), and Stephen Pulvirent executive digital editor will be available for meet and greets.

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