Pop-up Shops


Acid-Free launches its new Library Services division as part of Frieze Los Angeles. A new model in book distribution developed in support of the diversity of independent publishing practices, Library Services showcases a curated library of titles from a roster of publishers based in Los Angeles and the US.

Titles supplied by Library Services are available for on-site browsing in the Backlot, with publications made available for purchase through a new distributed model that connects buyers directly to publishers. With a focus on books that maintain positions of criticality and self-reflexivity, Library Services provides audiences a new opportunity to support the Acid-Free publisher network and its mission to create new spaces for critical discussion surrounding independent art publishing in Los Angeles and beyond.

Acid-Free is a collective of Los Angeles-based independent publishers, with roving projects including an annual Art Book Market started in 2018. The group’s guiding principles favor a non-hierarchical, ad-hoc working method, a financial structure that is not profit-driven, and a spirit of inclusion and collaboration whenever possible.

Saturday, February 15 at 5pm –7pm in the Street Fair ‘Carla Zen Lounge and Issue 19 Magazine Launch Hosted by Acid-Free’

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