Alex Bag

Highly influential American artist Alex Bag subverts the vocabularies of advertising, music videos and reality TV to critique today’s neo-liberal structures

In Alex Bag’s ironic performance videos, the artist adopts a series of personae to create droll conceptual parodies. With her signature deadpan delivery and deliberately low-tech style, Bag's highly influential practice mixes the vernacular of pop culture with irreverently humorous monologues. Performing in multiple guises amidst fragments of pop detritus, Bag skewers the tropes of consumer and media culture. Questioning how we define ourselves in relation to television, fashion, advertising and the artworld, she creates mediated parodies that teeter between celebration and critique.

Alex Bag (b. 1969, New York; lives and works in New York) has exhibited internationally since the mid 1990s, including solo exhibitions at The Whitney Museum, The Migros, ICA Miami, and The Warhol Foundation.