Angela Su

Blindspot Gallery, Hong Kong (W6)

Angela Su (b. Hong Kong; lives and works in Hong Kong)

Angela Su’s works investigate the perception and imagery of the body through metamorphosis, hybridity and transformation. Her pseudo-scientific drawings often combine the precision of scientific sketches with mythological aesthetics. Her research-based projects include drawing, video, installation and performance that focus on the interrelations between our state of being and scientific technology.

Created recently during the turbulent months of protests in Hong Kong (since June 2019), this body of works examines the act of sewing in the medium of hair embroidery. The artist intentionally subverts the conventional notion of sewing, traditionally seen as a feminine activity inhabiting the domestic sphere, and portrays it as an extreme form of protest in the public domain. Along with drawings that allegorise bodily fragmentation and schizophrenia, the artist lays bare the physical and psychological experiences living in post-colonial Hong Kong.

Su received a degree in biochemistry in Canada before pursuing visual arts. In 2019, she was commissioned by Wellcome Trust, London, to present a special project as part of ‘Contagious Cities: Far Away, Too Close’ at Tai Kwun, Hong Kong. In 2013, she published an artist novel Berty and in 2017, a science fiction anthology entitled Dark Fluid, in which she uses sci-fi as a method for social critique.