Ann Craven, Prem Sahib, Bedwyr Williams

Southard Reid, London (H10)

 A multi-part figurative presentation of Ann Craven (b. 1972, New York), Prem Sahib (b. 1982, London) and Bedwyr Williams (b. 1974, St. Asaph).

The display establishes a dialogue between Sahib’s photographs, interiors of the now-destroyed Chariots sauna and Williams’ animated video imagining a ecstasy-induced death of a best man at a wedding. Sahib’s practice evidences a strong relationship with history, personal and collective, particularly in response to the LBGTQ+ communities.

Williams creates stories and situations at once universal and specific, constructing imagined settings as backdrops for observations of human behaviour. 

Craven’s practice is a painterly meditation on time with its passing and cycles, explored with serialized compositions that are sometimes interrupted by stripe paintings – made with the remaining paint from the figurative works they accompany.  The works come together in their exploration of notions of memory, record and the near and distant past, personal and communal that reside in each of the artist’s practices.