Annika Ström

Performers act the roles of ‘Ten Embarrassed Men’

Annika Ström’s work centres around the mechanics of art-making, often putting herself in difficult or uncomfortable situations to perform songs, or making personal and heartfelt exposés of elements of her private life. For Frieze Projects, ten performers comprise 'Ten embarassed men', navigating the fair as a group, identifiable by their matching clothing and demeanour. In this case, they are men embarrassed by a specific issue – the representation of women in art fairs.

Annika Ström (b.1964) is a Swedish artist based in Hove. Recent solo exhibitions include: ‘The title of the show is too sad’, Galleria Sonia Rosso, Turin, ‘Made in France by Annika Ström', Onestar Press, Paris and 'Möbler för festvåningen', Galleri Charlotte Lund, Stockholm (all 2010). Recent group exhibitions include: 'Playing the city II', Shirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt, 'Vidéothèque éphémère-Faux Amis, Jeu de paume, Paris and 'Welt in der Hand/ World in your Hand', Städtische Galerie für Gegenwartskunst, Dresden (all 2010).