Antenna Space

Cheng Xinyi, H17

Predator, 2016, 115 x 140 cm, Oil on Linen

Predator, 2016, 115 x 140 cm, Oil on Linen

Antenna Space presents the work of Cheng Xinyi, including five paintings completed in 2016 and 2017, Inside Jen’s Freezer, Ham Ham, Bethany Beach, The Rain and Speak Low. By multi-layering and geometrically occupying each composition, Cheng evokes profound personal memories.

All works are portraits of white males and explore themes of identity and narrative. Cheng uses the white male nude as her recurring motif onto which she naturally projects her own conflicted identity. Depicted in intense colours and twisting shapes, her paintings defy rational definition and objectivity.

The five paintings will have a co-responsive relationship to the space, rhyming and echoing with one another. Together, they will demonstrate Cheng’s periodical approach to painting.

Cheng Xinyi (Wuhan, China, 1989) lives and works in Amsterdam.