Arcadia Missa

Hannah Black, H32

Courtesy of the artist.

Courtesy of the artist.

Arcadia Missa presents a solo presentation by the artist Hannah Black. The booth is an installation work comprising of a three-channel video work and sculptural ephemera.

Language, sound, and images are strongly intertwined in Black’s artistic practice. She is especially interested in impasses and overlaps between structural and experiential accounts of reality, world history and personal history, and how we fill in the gaps in between. Her work combines autobiographical fragments with impersonal and theoretical material, translated back and forth through contemporary popular iconography and music.

Hannah Black is an artist and writer from the UK. She lives in New York. Her work in video and installation has been exhibited at a number of galleries including Arcadia Missa (London), Château Shatto (Los Angeles) and W139 (Amsterdam). Her readings and performances have taken place at the New Museum, Interstate Projects and Cage (New York) and the Whitechapel, the Showroom and Cafe Oto (London). Her writing has been published in The New Inquiry, Texte zur Kunst and frieze d/e, among other magazines, and in her book Dark Pool Party (Dominica/Arcadia Missa). She completed her MFA at Goldsmiths in 2013 and was a studio participant on the Whitney ISP in New York from 2013 to 2014. In 2017 Black has had solo exhibitions at mumok (Vienna) and Chisenhale (London) amongst others.