Bruno Munari

Andrew Kreps Gallery, New York / Repetto Gallery, London (H8)

Andrew Kreps Gallery and Repetto Gallery present works by Bruno Munari (b. 1907, Milan; d. 1998, Milan) at the 2019 edition of Frieze Masters.

Spanning the years 1945 – 1980, the presentation focuses on themes that would remain at the core of Munari’s practice throughout his career, including dynamism, the concept of the machine, and explorations of movement and light. Highlights of the presentation include Fontana a Ruota (1958), an experimental fountain designed for the home of Ico Parisi, as well as Munari's collaborations with the Italian company Danese, including his L'Ora X (1945) (repsented in the collection of MoMA, New York) and Tetracono (1965).

The presentation will also include an important drawing from the 1940s, Munari's experiments with polarized light and works prodcude with the Rank Xerox Machine.