Lloyd Corporation, H21

Courtesy of the artist and the gallery.

Courtesy of the artist and the gallery.

Carlos/Ishikawa presents ‘Bankrupt. Bulk buy. Liquidation. Repossession’, a collaborative project by Lloyd Corporation consisting of a series of sculptural works based on new research into the trade of ‘wholesale job lots’ and sites of liquidated business.

The works are comprised of warehouse shelving units packed with a diverse array of found, sourced and produced objects. The shelving units themselves are sourced directly from the warehouse of a recently liquidated business in Dagenham. Meanwhile the objects have been accumulated from or produced in response to ‘wholesale job lots’, a trade that repackages the vestiges of liquidated businesses and mass manufacture to supply local and online market traders for resale.

The layout of the sculptures draws on the atmosphere of the warehouse as a storage site. Within the booth, viewers are forced to navigate tight corridors between the sculptures, pressing up close to the objects and peering into boxes left ajar or spilled open. This aims to make viewers experience a space that is informal, marginal and critically reflective of issues of globalisation and consumption.

Alongside the sculpture is a print edition indexing the numerous biographies and contexts of objects comprising the work and drawing on the graphic layout of classified advertising pages.