Frieze Artist Award

Cartier Award 2010

Simon Fujiwara evokes an ancient lost city

Simon Fujiwara is the winner of the 2010 Cartier Award and presents a new site-specific work. Frozen is an installation based on the fictive premise that an ancient lost city has been discovered beneath the site of the fair. Throughout the fair, visitors encounter archaeological digs, displays of found artefacts and graphic panels describing a lost historic civilization: once a hub of art and commerce.

Simon Fujiwara is a British/Japanese artist, based in Berlin and Mexico City. His previous works have encompassed performance-style lectures, fictional writings and installations. Fujiwara’s winning proposal was selected from over 500 applications.

The Cartier Award 2010 selection committee was: Sarah McCrory (Curator, Frieze Projects), Grazia Quaroni (Curator, Cartier Foundation for Contemporary Art, Paris), Catalina Lozano (Residencies Co-ordinator, Gasworks) and Roger Hiorns (artist). 

The Cartier Award, for emerging artists living outside the UK, was a major initiative in collaboration with Gasworks and sponsored by Cartier.