Channing Hansen

Marc Selwyn Fine Art, Los Angeles

Interphase: for M and Y, 2020

Channing Hansen, Interphase: for M and Y. Image courtesy of the artist and Marc Selwyn Fine Art, Beverly Hills

Channing Hansen (b. 1972, Los Angeles; lives in Los Angeles) works primarily with hand-dyed and spun wool, creating intricate knitted weavings that take the form of two- and three-dimensional works and installations. His process-driven practice is informed by mathematical algorithms, science, and technology.

Interphase: for M and Y, a site-specific project for the backlot, engages with classic science fiction, such as the 1968 Star Trek episodes ’Tholian Web’, wherein characters become trapped within the web of a parallel dimension, and ’A Piece of the Action’, filmed on the same New York set at Paramount Studios. Through his ongoing, in situ performance during the fair, Hansen links these fictional narratives to patterns of cellular biology – cell cycles and the processes of DNA replication that beget the strings, chains and networks that are the building blocks for the universe.