Chen Zhe

Bank, Shanghai (FR19)

At the core of Chen Zhe’s practice is research and exploration often tempered by a psychological inquiry of self and surroundings. In her current project Chen uses dusk to explore the ambiguous link between visual representations and language. Her work takes the form of photography, installation, objects and text.

In the series “Towards Evenings: Six Chapters” the artist attempts to materialize her long fascination with the complex and transient experiences of ‘dusk’. “Towards Evenings” is a journey into the nebulous space between day and night, light and twilight, the known and unknown. For more than five years the artist has probed literature and visual clues throughout history that evinced this magic hour’s profound effect upon the human psyche. The series is divided into independent chapters, of which selections from the second chapter are presented here, including An Encyclopedia of Psychological Experiences; Nightfall Disquiet; “Study of a Poem” by Rainer Maria Rilke; and Clock.

Chen Zhe (b.1989, Beijing) received her BFA from Art Center (Los Angeles). Her work has been exhibited at OCAT Museum Xian (solo), Sadie Coles HQ (London), Shanghai Biennial (2016), the 2018 Asia Pacific Triennial (Queensland), Getty Images Gallery (London), UCCA (Beijing), and Japanese Photography Museum (Tokyo). Chen has received awards from Kassel Fotobookfestival, Magnum Foundation, Three Shadows Center, and the Xitek New Talent Award. She is the subject of TV documentaries by ARTE, France and NHK, Japan.