Cian Dayrit

1335Mabini, Manila (W4)

Cian Dayrit (b. 1989, Manila; lives and works in Manila)

Cian Dayrit’s practice draws from his extensive research into post-colonial legacies, counter-cartography, historical narratives and ancient mythologies. He creates elaborate visual compositions offering a critical examination of the seduction of nativism and nationalism within the moral universe of Filipiniana.

Comprising 12 archival photographs taken by Dean Worchester during his travels to the Philippines between 1890 and 1913, Cian Dayrit’s critical presentation aims to dismantle the colonial gaze and imperialist view of indigeneous culture. Dayrit uses textiles, talisman appliques and embroidered text to give new meanings to the photographs, in this way subverting their colonial frame and challenging the ways in which past and present have been severed by political necessity.

Dayrit’s work has been shown in numerous international solo and group exhibitions including Beyond the God’s Eye, Nome Gallery, Berlin (2019); Motions of this Kind, Brunei Gallery, SOAS, London (2019); Stories of Almost Everyone, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles (2018); Songs for Sabotage, New Museum, New York (2018); A Beast, A God, and A Line, Dhaka Art Summit, Dhaka and Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw (2018).