Daniel Boccato

Kasia Michalski, Warsaw, B22

Daniel Boccato. Courtesy of artist and Kasia Michalski Gallery

Daniel Boccato, shaftface, 2015, epoxy, fiberglass, polyurethane, photo courtesy the artist and Kasia Michalski Gallery

In his works, Daniel Boccato uses shapes of commonplace objects to appeal to the human inclination to perceive facial features in objects, patterns and images. Going back and forth from abstraction to figuration, his works engender a constant play, stimulating the imagination and emotions through colors, shapes and humorous titles.

Kasia Michalski Gallery’s solo project by Daniel Boccato presents “faceworks” and “parrotpaintings.”

The “faceworks” are monochromatic, wall-mounted sculptures cast in fiberglass-reinforced epoxy resin, created out of molds using commonplace materials such as cardboard, sticky tape, and tarp. The resulting abstract shapes, with their wrinkles, indentations and protrusions, suggest anthropomorphic grimaces.

The “parrotpaintings” are paintings depicting female figures and pet parrots. The initial drawings on paper, made with pastels, crayons, watercolors, and markers, are then mounted on linen. Each composition, juxtaposing nudes with their ‘pet birds’, conveys mysterious and playful subject matters.

Daniel Boccato was born in 1991 in Campinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil. He lives and works in New York, where he studied at the Cooper Union School of Art, class of 2013. His most recent solo exhibitions include “creepers” at The Journal, New York, 2016, “rot pear rot” at Formato Comodo, Madrid, 2016, and “an eye for an eye” at the Kasia Michalski Gallery, Warsaw, 2015.

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