Sex Work

Dorothy Iannone

Air de Paris, S8

Dorothy Iannone, The Story Of Bern (or) Showing Colors, 1970. Extract from 69 drawings, felt pen on Bristol board each 22,5 x 21,5 cm. Courtesy Air de Paris, Paris

Since the early 1960s, Dorothy Iannone has been making vibrant paintings, drawings, prints, films, objects and books, all with a markedly narrative and overtly autobiographical visual feel. Her oeuvre is an exhilarating ode to an unbridled sexuality and celebration of ecstatic unity, unconditional love and attachment to Eros as a philosophical concept.

‘For many years now, Iannone has been investigating through her visual work, her books and her records, the world of love and ways of loving. In her original research, she skillfully blends imagery and text, beauty and truth. She is a freedom fighter, and a forceful and dedicated artist. Her aim is no less than human liberation.’ (Robert Filliou - 1975).

Works exhibited:

The Man Who Became A Woman (1963)

The Story Of Bern (or) Showing Colors (1970)

Wiggle Your Ass For Me (1970)

I Was Thinking Of You II (1975/2005)

Courting Ajaxander (1990)

Ewig Grün (2015)

A CookBook (2017)

Dorothy Iannone (Born 1933, Massachusetts; lives and works in Berlin) Dorothy Iannone began painting in 1959 and in 1966 she met the Fluxus artist Robert Filliou. In 1967, she fell in love with German-Swiss artist Dieter Roth, whom she lived with in different European cities until 1974. Two years later Iannone moved to Berlin where she still lives and works. Recent solo exhibitions include at Kiosk, Ghent; Centre Culturel Suisse, Paris (both 2016); Reykjavik Arts Festival; Air de Paris, Paris (both 2015); and Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunt, Zurich (2014).