Edward Krasiński

Foksal Gallery Foundation, Warsaw (H10)

Foksal Gallery Foundation brings a selection of Edward Krasiński’s (b. 1925, Lutsk; d. 2004, Warsaw) sculptures featured in the artist’s first solo show at Krzysztofory Gallery in Krakow in 1965.

These works reflect a crucial moment in Krasiński’s practice, when he started working on reduction of the three-dimensional form to linear and herald his later more radical gesture of the blue line Scotch tape; all of them seem like a painterly gesture in the space. The most characteristic of this selection is a Great Spear - an iconic work by Krasiński from the 1960s presented at 2nd Summer Academy in Koszalin, Osieki, Koszalin in 1964.

This work was described by Julian Przyboś, a renowned Avant-garde poet, as an ‘aerial sculpture’: ‘Krasiński’s composition was suspended in mid-air; floating by means of some miraculous levitation – from grass, in which it left its red splashes, at first vertically upwards, it acquired, turning suddenly horizontal, a power made evident by an ever more slender length running from black to white, to then, having interrupted its continuity, reappear again following a break (when you half-expected a blow) with a sharp, ever redder, horizon-pricking end. And I exclaimed, amazed: that’s an “aerial” work, a new kind of thing’.