Ei Arakawa & Karl Holmqvist

An expanded interpretation of poetry in The Regent's Park

A unique first-time collaboration by Ei Arakawa and Karl Holmqvist, pOEtry pArk takes place outside the fair in The Regent’s Park. Incorporating various activities and performances related to an expanded idea of poetry, the ‘park’ include sculptural and print interpretations of poetry as a physical existence. pOEtry pArk thus also functions as a refuge a haven to which visitors can temporarily retreat from the preoccupied atmosphere of the fair; relaxing and meditative activities and an environment influenced by Japanese-american artist Isamu Noguchi are incorporated.

Ei Arakawa (b.1977) is a Japanese artist based in New York. Recent solo exhibitions include: Casco, Utrecht and Galerie Neu, Berlin (both 2010); Künsthalle Zürich, Prochoice, Vienna, Künstlerhaus Stuttgart, New Jerseyy, Basel and Taka Ishii Gallery, Kyoto (all 2009); Contemporary Art Museum, St Louis and Franco Soffiantino Gallery, Turin (both 2008). Recent group exhibitions include: ‘Greater New York 2010’, P.S.1 Centre for Contemporary Art, New York (2010); ‘Tblisi 6: Never on Sunday’, Tblisi and 'Calling Out of Context', ICA, London (both 2009); Yokohama Triennale, Kanagawa and '2008 Altoids Award', New Museum, New York (both 2008) and Performa07, New York (2007). 

Karl Holmqvist (b.1964) is a Swedish artist based in Stockholm and Berlin. Recent solo exhibitions include: ‘I’ll Make the World Explode’, Giti Nourbakhsch, Berlin and Gaga Arte Contemporaneo, Mexico City (both 2009) and ‘The Grey Triangle’ Hollybush Gardens, London (2007). Recent group exhibitions include: ‘The Malady of Writing’, MACBA, Barcelona and ‘’, ICA, London (both 2009) and ‘The Soul, or Much Trouble in the Transportation of Souls’, Manifesta 7, the European Biennial of Contemporary Art, Trento (2008).