Elena Tejada-Herrera

80M2 Livia Benavides, Lima (H33)

Elena Tejada-Herrera (b. Lima) is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice involves cultural exchanges, where the conversations and interactions for the creative experiences feed the artwork. She embraces hybrid forms of art, such as video, installation and performance, while cultivating a passion for drawing. In Peru, she introduced risky performances protesting Fujimori’s dictatorship.

The project is inspired by Virginie Despentes’ ‘King Kong Theory’, an analysis on the relationship between King Kong and the heroine within the film. In this installation, Tejada-Herrera investigates the relationship between economic activities and their impact on gender and family relationships. Focusing on specific places, she has collected information related to gender geography.

The artist believes she can use beauty to generate change and is working on redefining the patriarchal notions of femininity within our capitalist society by one in which women are warriors to be feared.