Frieze Artist Award

Emdash Award 2011

This year's winner is video and performance artist Anahita Razmi

The winner of the Emdash Award 2011 was the video and performance artist Anahita Razmi, who is based in Stuttgart. Razmi’s previous works have dealt with issues concerning identity and gender, employing objects with a national and cultural significance or citing the work of high-profile female artists.

Her winning proposal combined both of these features of her work and was selected from over 550 applications by artists from all over the world. The shortlist included entries from Australia, Costa Rica, Croatia, France, Germany, India, Israel, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Sweden and the USA.

Razmi used choreographer Trisha Brown’s 1971 work ‘Roof Piece’, which took place on 12 different rooftops over a ten-block area in downtown New York, as its point of departure. The work was presented as a video installation at Frieze Art Fair.

The Emdash Award allows an emerging artist based outside the UK to realise a major project at Frieze Art Fair as part of the critically acclaimed Frieze Projects programme. Entrance to the Award was by open submission. The selection committee for The Emdash Award 2011 comprises: Andrea Dibelius, Emdash Foundation; Rowan Geddis, Residencies Co-ordinator, Gasworks; Simon Martin, Artist; Sarah McCrory, Curator, Frieze Foundation; Janneke de Vries, Director, GAK Gesellschaft für Aktuelle Kunst; Amelie von Wedel, Emdash Foundation.

The Emdash Award for emerging artists living outside the UK is a major initiative in collaboration with Gasworks and supported by the Emdash Foundation. Emdash is a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to promoting new ideas across disciplines from artistic and cultural projects to scientific research. Founded by Andrea Dibelius in 2010, Emdash’s activities are motivated by philanthropy, a commitment to supporting new ideas and emerging talent and a love for the arts. The Emdash Foundation will aim to support artists on a long-term basis. For more information on Emdash please visit