Frieze Artist Award

Emdash Award 2012

Cécile B. Evans wins the 2012 award

The winner of the 2012 Emdash Award was Cecile B. Evans, who is based in Berlin. Evans’ work explores the way emotions are valued in contemporary life.

Evans’ project was an audio guide to Frieze London accompanied by a holographic ‘host’. This Is Your Audio Guide featured a panel of non-art experts that described works from the fair in a subjective manner. The panel included notable figures from media, pop culture, politics and science. Evans aimed to intervene in the vocabulary typically employed by the contemporary art market and introduce a different type of language to the fair, one based on feelings rather than material, price or provenance.

‘Host’ Simon Schama introduces experts including Rabbi Lionel Blue, Sophie Dahl and Patrick Moore who all comment on works that could be found at the 2012 fair.

The Emdash Award for emerging artists living outside the UK is a major initiative by Frieze Foundation in collaboration with Gasworks and supported by the Emdash Foundation. Entrance to the Award was by open submission. The selection committee for 2012 was: Andrea Dibelius (Emdash Foundation), Ryan Gander (Artist), Rowan Geddis (Residencies Co-ordinator, Gasworks), Udo Kittelmann (Director of the National Gallery, Berlin), Sarah McCrory (Curator, Frieze Foundation), Dr. Matthias Mühling (Curator of the Lenbachhaus Kunstbau, Munich) and Amelie von Wedel (Emdash Foundation).

Emdash is a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to promoting new ideas across disciplines from artistic and cultural projects to scientific research. Founded by Andrea Dibelius in 2010, Emdash’s activities are motivated by philanthropy, a commitment to supporting new ideas and emerging talent and a love for the arts. The Emdash Foundation will aim to support artists on a long-term basis.

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