Frieze Artist Award

Emdash Award 2013

Pilvi Takala wins 2013 award

The winner of the 2013 Emdash Award was Pilvi Takala, a Finnish artist who lives and works in Istanbul. Takala had previously worked with video to document experimental performances that challenge silently agreed rules within particular communities of people.

Pilvi Takala gave a committee of children aged between 8–12 years old from the Eastside Youth Centre in Bow, London, the opportunity to decide on how to use the majority of the Award production budget. After their research and development costs, the children had £7,000 to play with. Following a series of summer workshops, the Committee met in a dedicated area within Frieze Projects and made a public announcement of their decision to create a “five-star bouncy house” on Friday 18 October.

You can now hire the Bouncy House for your own event, direct from the children’s committee at Eastside Youth Centre in Bow. For further details of the Bouncy House, please contact

During the 2014 August Bank Holiday weekend, Frieze Projects unveiled the Five Star Bouncy House, the completion of Takala’s Emdash Award project. The committee saw their Five Star Bouncy House realised for the first time, as part of a community event in Bow, East London.

‘The children’s Committee attended an intense five-day workshop
and a series of meetings prior to the fair. The workshop focused on exercises in creative thinking, and included a number of site visits planned by the children. They experimented with different decision-making methods in the smaller, everyday choices. This allowed the group to observe and experience how different methods work, what social factors are at play and ultimately which process
was best to use in their final decision on the outcome of the overall project.’ – Pilvi Takala

The Emdash Award for emerging artists living outside the UK is a major initiative in collaboration with Gasworks and supported by the Emdash Foundation.

Emdash is a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to promoting new ideas across disciplines from artistic and cultural projects to scientific research. Founded by Andrea Dibelius in 2010, Emdash’s activities are motivated by philanthropy, a commitment to supporting new ideas and emerging talent and a love for the arts. The Emdash Foundation will aim to support artists on a long-term basis.

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