Eva LeWitt

VI, VII, Oslo, B28

Eva LeWitt, Untitled, 2017. Courtesy: VI, VII, Oslo

Eva LeWitt, Untitled, 2017. Courtesy: VI, VII, Oslo

Eva LeWitt's practice investigates tangible relationships between materials, and the interplay of unique physical properties such as flexibility, transparency and weight. In her sculptures, which focus on materiality and the relationships between diverse materials, industrial materials such as rubber, vinyl and acetate are brought into dialogue with more nuanced, hand-shaped elements such as foam and clay.

For Frieze New York, LeWitt has enlarged several small maquettes into ambitious, large-scale wall installations and sculpture. Materials such as industrial acetate, rubber and carved foams are used in unexpected ways, highlighting specific physical properties to weave together a rich and evocative visual narrative. Each of these works feature both machine-made and hand-sculpted elements, with attention to reflective versus absorbent qualities, density versus lightness, and the precise perfection and uniformity of industrial materials versus manually crated elements.

Eva LeWitt (b, 1985, Spoleto, Italy) lives and works in New York City. She is a graduate of Bard College. Previous exhibitions include, "All Over", Studio Leigh Gallery, London; "Altar", Chiesetta Madonna del Pozzo, Spoleto; "Eva LeWitt and Allison Katz", Malraux’s Place, New York; "Love to Love You", Mass MOCA, North Adams,Massachusetts; "The Open", Deitch Projects, New York; and "AGR BONGO", Rivington Arms Gallery, New York.

Forthcoming exhibitions include a solo exhibition at VI, VII, Oslo.

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