FOOD 1971/2013

A tribute to FOOD, the legendary restaurant opened in 1971 by Gordon Matta-Clark and Carol Goodden

At Frieze New York 2013, Frieze Projects organised a special tribute to FOOD, the legendary restaurant opened in October 1971 by Gordon Matta- Clark and Carol Goodden in collaboration with other artists. This tribute took the form of a temporary restaurant where the history and legacy of FOOD was celebrated. A meeting space, a restaurant and a total work of art, the original FOOD project was driven by the energy of the people that ran it and those who gathered there. In the same spirit, FOOD 1971/2013 was a dynamic platform where each day a different artist was invited to cook in a convivial environment. Both a restaurant and performance stage FOOD 1971/2013 was a space where cooking and art were discussed, inspired and produced.

At Frieze New York 2012, with a homage to Fashion Moda and a presentation of John Ahearn’s work, Frieze Projects started a series of tributes to historical artist-run spaces and initiatives that have defined and transformed the cultural and artistic life of New York City. FOOD 1971/2013 is the second project in this series.


Chef: Matthew Day Jackson
In collaboration with SunTek Chung, Joseph Hung and Chul Kim

Inspiration: The history of the preservation of food is not only linked to famine. Mobility and ease of transport of foodstuffs is intricately linked to the success of exploration, conquest and war

Prefixed menu served in a cafeteria tray, $15
1. Budae Jjigae soup
2. Hardtack with smoked gouda, dried apricot and pineapple, and honey
3. Red Pepper Beef Jerky
4. Hop Pickles
5. TANG drink

Chef: Carol Goodden, co-founder of FOOD

Inspiration: Soups offer fabulous nutrition and stick with you better than tea or porridge. But mainly the conception of any soup can excite a good cook’s imagination. They can be used as “paintings” to decorate the table with a colorful carrot soup, or dark greens with whites – aromatic. Carol’s FOOD was based on two choices of soups and a big hunk of freshly-baked bread.

1.Cauliflower and Watercress Soup and home-made bread $7
2. Carrot Soup Español and home-made bread $7
3. Pyrénées Sheep Cheese, fresh green salad and home-made bread $5
4. Carrot Juice $6

Chef: Jonathan Horowitz

Inspiration: A vegan menu featuring three organizations that Jonathan Horowitz thinks people should know about: ‘Bloodroot Restaurant’, a feminist bookstore and vegetarian café in Bridgeport, CT; ‘Fieldroast’, makers of gourmet, vegan grain meat products; and ‘Shore Soup,’ providing fresh, organic meals for free to economically struggling residents of the Rockaway Peninsula. Horowitz is interested in simply promoting veganism and compassion, choosing simple, classic American fare that he hopes will be appropriate for a Saturday in the park, but made without abusing or killing animals. According to Horowitz ‘They’re facsimile dishes – “fake” hotdogs, “fake” Caesar salad – so you might say that’s where the art comes in – a kind of traditional, realist art, as practiced hundreds of years ago by Buddhist monks who created imitation meat dishes. I’ve also made some art for the walls — portraits of farm animals who I’ve given names to, because how can you eat an animal with a name?’

1. Frankfurters from Fieldroast $4
2. Caesar’s Wife Salad from Bloodroot Restaurant $7
3. Roasted Tomato and fennel soup from Shore

Chef: Tina Girouard, one of the original chefs from FOOD

Inspiration: Going back to the roots of FOOD and Gordon Matta Clark’s spit-firied pig under the Brooklyn Bridge in the 1970s.

1.Cochon Amour: Spit roast pig with pickled okra, pecans, purple onion and pineapple $9
2.Roasted sweet potato $3
3.Collar Greens $3
4.GumboVirgin Merry $5
5 Pecan Praline TBD

Chef: Frieze

Inspiration: Gordon Matta-Clark Bone Menu

1.Oxtail soup with home-made bread $7
2.Salad $7
3.Carrot Juice $4