Frankfurter Kunstverein

The Partner Institution's activities presented in a structure by artist Tobias Putrih

‘Operating within the context of the fair, this project [entitled A Delicious Feeling of Confidence] aims to address the notions of “trust” and “pleasure” in relation to contemporary art production today. Within our entertainment-driven society, art fairs constitute what we might call a “pleasure zone”: can they also provide a legitimate arena in which the spectator can not only view art but also reflect on contemporary culture today? Frankfurter Kunstverein’s specially commissioned “space unit” by artist Tobias Putrih offers viewers the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the mission of the organisation: to promote curiosity about, and foster trust in, artistic practices that fall a little outside the territory of the commonsensical. The space’s key objective is to provide access: to our activities in Frankfurt, and the philosophy that drives them; to our guest speakers and their firsthand accounts of their working practices; to films, videos and databases of art and curating…This is architecture that aspires to promote free exchange, operating from the premise that every one of us needs to invest some time in exploring a universe of projects, images, words and sounds. The Frankfurter Kunstverein’s project is, quite simply, an experimental district inside the artificial city of Frieze Art Fair.’

— Chus Martínez, Director, Frankfurter Kunstverein, June 2007