Frieze Sounds 2014

Featuring specially commissioned audio works by Keren Cytter, Cally Spooner and Hannah Weinberger

  • Keren Cytter (b. 1977, Tel Aviv, Israel)

For Frieze Sounds, Cytter presents Constant State of Grace, a minimalist composition intended to elevate the souls of visitors and produce a state of near-hypnosis.

  • Cally Spooner (b. 1983, Ascot, United Kingdom)

Spooner will present a voiceover for an upcoming film project – part unscripted radio drama and part jazz gig.

  • Hannah Weinberger (b. 1988, Filderstadt, Germany)

Weinberger will debut a new composition where the bass of the sound track is the frequency of her own baby’s heartbeat, which is then overlaid with field recordings, natural and artificial settings.

Frieze Sounds is programmed and curated by Cecilia Alemani and presented with BMW.