Gabriel Lima


Gabriel Lima, Untitled, 2017

Gabriel Lima, Untitled, 2017

Gabriel Lima’s presentation will feature a group of new oil paintings in both large and small formats. The pairing of these paintings seeks to embody Lima’s dynamic and exploratory approach to his practice with images ranging from distinct people, to surrealistic landscapes and the interpolation of contrasting visual languages. Lima encourages various visual and conceptual reconstructions revolving around the present socio-geographical complexities that stem from the political and environmental strains of massive urbanization in conjunction with corporate domination of rural lands.  In this way, Lima continues the long-standing tradition in painting of analyzing human’s relationship to nature.

Central to the presentation, are two large scale portraits of women transmitting essential and universal vulnerabilities and strengths. Lima’s emphasis on their interior states together with their larger than life scale suggests both a sense of displacement as well as a transcendent presence. The accompanying landscape-like paintings, rather than portray any inhabitable spaces, collapse time with their diffuse depictions that at times may be read as halcyon pre-Anthropocene settings, and at times as either suburban, post-industrial, or peripheral wastelands. The conflation of different visual elements in these paintings seek to propel different categories of experience and representation into the spatial realm, alluding to the potential constitution of the new “natural” environments of our time.