Gala Porras-Kim

Commonwealth and Council, Los Angeles (DLG2)

Gala Porras-Kim (born in 1984, Bogotá) lives in Los Angeles.

Gala Porras-Kim’s work explores how social and political contexts influence representations of language and history. Her research-based practice considers how sounds, language, and history have been represented through different methodologies in the fields of linguistics, history, and conservation.

For Frieze New York, Gala Porras-Kim questions the documentation and interpretation of historical artefacts. Her Index drawings bring together aesthetically similar relics, with varied histories. A graphite drawing illustrates the “graves” in which many relics were found, possibly intended for private rituals. The final grouping of works— three sculptures containing dirt—examines the life cycle of objects. After excavation and preservation, artefacts enter a sort of stasis. Placed inside boxes, they continue to record their “age” through damage accrued due to their continuous contact with the dirt. 

Gala Porras-Kim received an MFA from CalArts. Awards include Artadia in 2017, the Joan Mitchell Foundation in 2016, Creative Capital and Tiffany Foundation in 2015. Museum exhibitions include: Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) (Los Angeles), 2017; Seoul Museum of Art (Korea), 2017; Hammer Museum (Los Angeles), 2016. This year, her work will be in the Whitney and Ural Biennials.