Glenn Branca

A performance of Symphony No.13: Hallucination City for 100 Electric Guitars


 For 2007, Frieze Music presents a performance of Glenn Branca’s epic Symphony No.13: Hallucination City for 100 Electric Guitars, directed by Branca at London’s Roundhouse. A piece of transformative beauty, the Syphony has been described by the Village Voice as “Branca’s most impressive work ever.”

In the months before the fair, Branca closely supervised the recruitment of the 100 guitarists who were all unpaid volunteers. Two day-long rehearsals took place - directed by Branca - in advance of the much-anticipated performance.

Glenn Branca, who started out as a member of NY punk outfit Theoretical Girls, began composing for electric guitar ensembles in the early 1980s. His ensembles have featured members of Sonic Youth, Swans and Helmet. Hallucination City was premiered in the World Trade Centre Plaza, New York, in 2001 to overwhelming public acclaim.

The off-site music programme of Frieze, Frieze Music was created by Dan Fox and Steve Mackey. Frieze Music is produced and co-curated in 2007 by Paul Smith in association with Live Nation.