Hellen Ascoli

Proyectos Ultravioleta, Guatemala City (H20)

A solo exhibition by Hellen Ascoli (b. 1984, Guatemala City) featuring the most recent textile works woven by the artist in a backstrap loom, as well as a series of multi layered drawings presented on top of a new series of rustic bespoke furniture (as a base) designed by her husband, industrial designer Karl Williamson.

Through her works, Ascoli is interested in inserting herself in a broader conversation on weaving with both the native Mayan women of Guatemala and artists who have pushed the boundaries of fabric into an avant-garde artform like Anni Albers, Gunta Stölzl, and most recently Shiela Hicks and Faith Ringgold.

Through her work in weaving, Ascoli is more interested in creating sensations rather than in creating imagery. Her drawings reflect the way in which one would approach weaving in a backstrap loom altogether, through an intricate process of layering single elements to create a larger whole. Presented on top of the furniture designed by Williamson, the drawings take on a sculptural presence which directly relates to the small stools and benches used by the Mayan weavers of Guatemala to elaborate their weaves.