Instituto De Visión

Santiago Reyes Villaveces, H27

Courtesy of the artist and the gallery.

Courtesy of the artist and the gallery.

Instituto De Visión presents Brujitas (Witches), a research project by Santiago Reyes Villaveces (Bogotá, Colombia, 1986) exploring latent architectural sensibilities in precarious structures, mostly visible in (but not limited to) everyday urban life in Latin-American cities. Reyes’s architectural mediations relate urban detritus (the overlooked by-products of construction) to improvised temporary structures, underscoring the hidden sophistication prevalent in anonymous ways of doing. Working across sculpture, drawing and photography, his varied use of media compliments the temporal ambiguity of his subject matter.

For this project, Reyes presents a ‘family’ of push cars made out of urban detritus and recycled ball bearings. Translated as witches, ‘brujitas’ is the popular name given to these makeshift cars in Colombia. The ‘brujitas’ are working tools used to generate value in the mobility and transportation of goods. These structures embody a form in which a sophisticated ‘simple’ structure articulates a way of assimilating and resisting the informal economies that arise in the voids of the ‘official’ economic system. The project presents a set of three cars: Stalker a car made to roll over abandoned railroad tracks; Borrow boy, a moving platform for the selling of goods; and The first tool was a bag, a car made to move and transport goods. The artist activates these vehicles in the urban context of London. Their documentations will be shown in a series of photographs and a monitor with a video of the performative actions developed by the artist.

Brujitas is an ongoing project that concluded in summer 2017.