Ishmael Randall Weeks and Giancarlo Scaglia

Revolver Galería, Lima, Buenos Aires (H17)

Revolver Galeria presents works by Peruvian artists Ishmael Randall Weeks (b. 1976, Cusco) and Giancarlo Scaglia (b. 1981, Lima). Through their presentation both artists exhibit the social and historical landscape of their country.

The works presented by Giancarlo Scaglia are a combination of oil and canvas, as well as mixed media (guano on gold leaves on Japanese paper). Ishmael Randall Weeks’ sculptures insert archeological objects and raw minerals on metal structures that refer to Russian constructivism. Scaglia has always been focused on painting although ever since he got to El Fronton island (the Peruvian Alcatraz) his practice has broaden by the inclusion of the history of the site, as well as its flora and fauna.

Randall Weeks’s  works (in their relationship to architecture, metallurgy, ceramics and weaving) are products of social systems. They are integrated into social uses within the mental and material culture where they should be understood like a means of communication involved in the social practice and that can be used to transform and store social information revolving around ideology, cosmology, etc.

The works presented are a depiction of Peruvian culture and its social and physical scenery. Combined, they create a landscape where the ancient and current history of the country is exhibited for the public to experience.