Jacqueline de Jong

Pippy Houldsworth Gallery, London (H9)

Painting is the foundation of Jacqueline de Jong's (b. 1939, Hengelo) practice that encompasses drawing, sculpture, printmaking, jewellery and artist books. A radical thinker, her work progresses in a nonlinear fashion as she frequently doubles back to revisit formal and conceptual concerns, always returning the violence, banality, eroticism and humour of human interaction.

This is Jacqueline de Jong's first solo presentation in the UK and will include two early series from the late 1960s and early 1970s, each recently highlighted at Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam. The vibrant, lustful series of 'Erotic Paintings' (1966-8) made in Paris, reflect the sexual and political revolution of the time; figures shift between the humorous and the grotesque, offering a fluid perspective of gender and sexuality. The 'Kroniek van Amsterdam' series (1970-3) comprises diptychs within folding suitcases. Paintings of war, sadomasochism and leisure are placed beside hand-written diary entries. Their functionality considers displacement and disconnection whilst reflecting the Situationist objective to revolutionise everyday life.