Jan Kaps

Tobias Spichtig, H20

Courtesy of the arist and the gallery.

Courtesy of the arist and the gallery.

Tobias Spichtig’s work spans performance, installation, painting and sculpture mostly characterised by portraying the myths and psychological traits of contemporary society. His paintings and sculptures combine intimate material and objects from his close surroundings with a personal approach to pop. Spichtig graduated from Zurich University of the Arts and Mountain School of Art in Los Angeles. His most recent solo show was Like Deadlines in Heaven at Galerie Bernhard in Zürich. Previous exhibitions and performances where at the kölnischer Kunstverein and Jan Kaps gallery in cologne, Kunsthalle Zürich and the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles.

Seven globes sitting in a circle on chairs watched over by paintings both portraits and abstract works on the wall, are the main elements of Spichtig’s booth. As if sitting in a meeting the sculptures allude to situations of therapy or negotiations. The in oil painted surface of the globes, illuminated by an inner light and they’re general surreal iconic appearance, refer to the constant redefinition of inner and outer worlds. Thus painting being redefined conceptually by sculpture and vice versa. Both being one another to a certain degree, conceived as affirming elements when trying to make sense of the world. This theatrical setting is thought as an installation made of single works which will be mostly shown for the first time at Frieze London.