Jonathas de Andrade

Vermelho, São Paulo

Voyeristico, 2018

Jonathan de Andrade, Voyerístico, 2018 © Jonathas de Andrade. Images courtesy of the artist and Vermelho, São Paulo

Jonathas de Andrade (b. 1982, Maceió; lives in Recife) works in photography, installation, and video, often responding to history, the archive, and systems of power, through works that blend fact and fiction.

In his video Voyeristico, filmed on the streets of Recife and São Paulo, participants slowly open their wallets displaying money (or lack thereof), identification cards, family photographs, and snippets of information that reveal something about them as individuals.

The close up angle of the camera provides an intimate, yet voyeuristic look into the private space of the wallets, which contents indicate economic, personal, and class distinctions. Abstractly, the piece functions as anthropological research, creating a collective archive that speaks broadly to contrasting levels of access and agency in society.