Jorunn Hancke Øgstad

VI, VII, Oslo (H19)

Set against a green backdrop painted in Dulux "Paradise Green II" paint colour Jorunn Hancke Øgstad’s new works at Frieze embrace bleaching and blocking processes, traversing historical periods in art and design and drawing inspiration everywhere from 19th century spiritual abstraction to the work of other female contemporaries. Based on name alone, the green colour used here refers to rapturous and idyllic states, various interpretations of the concepts of paradise, bliss and nirvana.

Norwegian painter Jorunn Hancke Øgstad (b.1979, Bærum) is an artist exploring gender through the language of abstraction. Øgstad uses fabric dye on unprimed canvas to mimic watercolour, spray paint and print processes often within the same work, co-opting techniques most commonly used in expressionist, street and pop art practices.