José Leonilson

Galeria Marilia Razuk, São Paulo (W3)

José Leonilson (b. 1957, Fortaleza; d. 1993, São Paulo)

Despite José Leonilson's short career, he has left behind a unique and personal body of work, expressing the aspirations, anxieties and daydreams of a man made restless by the world around him.

For Woven, Galeria Marilia Razuk presents a solo project of Brazilian artist José Leonilson. The presentation will include a selection of his signature embroidery, including abstract works, made of juxtaposed monochromatic fields of different colours and textures, and his most well-known pieces featuring text. This presentation showcases a careful selection of embroidery, a technique the artist intensely dedicated himself to in the last years of his brief career.

Developing his interest in art since early age, José Leonilson was part of a group of artists that revolutionized the Brazilian artistic scene in the 1980s who claimed for the rediscovery of the ‘pleasure’ of painting. Leonilson is considered a key representative of the Brazilian so-called Geração ’80 or ’80s Generation. The artist died young in 1993, leaving approximately 4,000 artworks and a multiple documental archive.