Juan Tessi

Galeria Nora Fisch, Buenos Aires (FR6)

Juan Tessi, o3kqa86MmB1v6szblo5_500, 2017. Courtesy: Galeria Nora Fisch, 

Juan Tessi, o3kqa86MmB1v6szblo5_500, 2017. Courtesy: Galeria Nora Fisch, Buenos Aires

Juan Tessi’s work is an ongoing exploration of the language of painting as it moves, intersecting reflections on desire, the tension between craft and technology and the manner in which the work of art lives in museums or other contexts.

The works exhibited weave together a non-linear narrative about gender, desire and their historical representations, as well as the painting’s materiality in relation to the functional object. It is based on The Sotadic Zone, published by English explorer, Sir Richard Burton in 1886. In this text, Burton presented the hypothesis that homosexuality was determined by geography and climate, as supported by his research on Ancient Greece, pre-colonized Americas, and the Middle East. Ceramics appear as an extension of, and a prosthetic device to painting. The large canvases function as bodies to the ceramic heads; their background colors attained by overlapping three different fabrics.

Juan Tessi (b. 1972) lives and works in Buenos Aires. Tessi graduated from The Maryland Institute College of Art, and has participated in the Yale Norfolk Summer Arts Residency. He has had fourteen solo exhibitions, including 2016’s “Cameo” at major regional art institution, MALBA (Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires). Group exhibitions have included “Ultramar: Fontana, Kuitca, Tessi, Seeber” at the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid; and “Empujar un Ismo” at the Museum of Modern Art of Buenos Aires.